Walnut Creek Fountain Near Completion

Ene (Wowhaus) and I finished installing “Geologica” in Walnut Creek. It was a tiring but exciting and rewarding 4 days. After a year of planning, prepping and pre-laying tile, it is refreshing to see the piece in place! Water will be going in sometime next week, so make sure to check this out next time you’re in Walnut Creek. It is on N. Main street and Bonanza, right outside the Well’s Fargo.

The white pipe sticking out of the top has since been cut and is level with the top of the Geode. This is where the water will spill out of, once the fountain is filled.

The dappling light effect from the overhead trees add to the design. We purposely thought about how this kind of light would look when laying the reflective glass tiles.

The open face of the geode faces away from the street, making the experience more unique for pedestrians.

All of the ceramic tile was pre-laid at the Wowhaus studio. I left space for the gold seams. Last Sunday night (during the eclipse!) Ene and I loaded all of the panels into the truck and had two strong men (Scott, Ene’s husband, being one of them) lift the geode in, along side. Getting up at 4:30am to make it to the site by 7, we met the crane in Walnut creek to secure the Geode into place.

We spent Monday and Tuesday morning attaching the pre-laid panels to the fountain. It required a lot of trimming, patience and strength (mixing over 200 lbs of thin-set). The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday were spent filling in the seams with with gold, silver and iridescent black. Thursday morning we grouted!

The days were long (6am – 6pm) but we got it done. And we would not have been able to do it without the help of my friend Bethany! She came as a friend and a volunteer and we could not have had more pleasant company during the installation. Bethany was so great working with the Walnut Creek community and with those interested in participating and laying tiles. She also has a great eye and hand for this kind of work and I hope she can come for the next project. Thank you again Bethany for all of your help!!


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