Walnut Creek Fountain – Geode

To build the “Geode,” Ene Osteraas (of Wowhaus) and I bought an exercise ball and blew it up just slightly smaller than we wanted the actual structure to be. Using cement and sections of fiberglass mesh, we covered the ball one layer at a time.

Once we had enough layers, the sphere was flipped and the ball removed.

The walls are strong and about 1/4 inch thick. I had to use a masonry drill to get holes in the sides where the stainless-steel skeleton would be inserted. Once the reinforcing frame was in place, we continued layering until the walls were 1 inch thick.

The next step is to mosaic! This is what I will be doing this week. Here is a close-up of the sample geode I had already made. Now we get to do this on a much larger scale! I can’t wait!

The following week we are installing onsite!


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