This week I researched how to make terrariums! I was always seeing them around and it has been on my mental list of things to make for too long. All you need is a few garden supplies and decent sized jars. I started with the plants and picked out a variety of succulents (but there are other plants that will equally thrive in a terrarium). But because I recently returned from Arizona, and loved the landscape, I was immediately drawn to these guys.

The first layer is 1/4 – 1/2 inch of charcoal (any garden center will know what this is and have it in small-large bags. The charcoal provides space for excess water, it also absorbs any odors. Next is a layer of moss. This creates a barrier for the soil. Without the moss, the soil would seep down to the bottom and the charcoal would not be able to do it’s job. Regular potting soil works fine. Finally, carefully remove the plants, keeping as many roots intact as possible and arrange as you please! I then watered each one until the soil looked damp.

I added small treasures to each jar. This was a great opportunity to use broken pieces of china, seashells, buttons, marbles, and funny tiles I bought but then never had a reason to use. I loved how each and every one turned out.

I gave most of my terrariums away as gifts, and instead of wrapping them I cut and ripped strips of fabric I had collected. I have been tape-less wrapping all my gifts this year and I love the way this looked. I used the same idea and tied bows around the opening of each terrarium.


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