Spark Installed

We started the Spark installation on Friday, March 2 and and finished Tuesday, March 6 around 6pm. Ene and I worked 12 – 13 hour days. It was hard work but I am so proud of the finished pieces. We would not have finished in the time we did without our helpers and installation team. Thank you so much!!


Day 1: The Spark murals were still stacked in sections at the Wowhaus Studio in Sebastopol.


A hired forklift easily picked up and loaded the truck. That stack of murals weighs over 800 lbs!


Day 2: On site at Chabot College in Hayward, the construction team (Gary and Dave who were amazing) unloaded the sections to measure and trim.


The sections were put up one by one (8 panels per mural) and each panel has over 6 screws. These guys are drilling into the most dense concrete/rock wall I have ever seen. I am still amazed that there are tools and the right people out there who can make this possible.

Day 3 and 4: We were patching up the seams and edges where needed. We had some great helpers for this process so thank you Debbie and Henry!! This is a closeup of one of the sections Henry worked on. Great job!


Day 5: We grouted! Each mural has at least 2 grout colors. We blended from light to dark which adds another dimension to the design. We were able to grout all four murals in one day. My mom Bonnie, sister Samantha and good friend Susan were on site all day helping to grout. We could not have done it without you!

Ene Osteras-Constable, the artist, is taking off the blue tape after we completed the second mural.


Here is the completed red mural. The colors change depending on the time of day. If you look in the top left corner you see specks of blue. That color is actually all over the mural but depending on the sun, different colors are highlighted.

Happy helpers made the day fun and memorable. So glad Sammy was here visiting from Brooklyn so she could share this with me!

More Photos on the way. Ene (the artist and mastermind behind this project) took shots throughout the day so I will post those as I get them!


One response to “Spark Installed

  1. Nana March 19, 2012 at 2:12 am

    I’m incredibly impressed with what you are doing. I am sure in time your work will be recognized and you will be called upon to create much more beautiful work!
    Keep it up. It’s just wonderful…just like you.

    love, Nana

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