Walnut Creek Fountain update

I continue to move along with the Walnut Creek fountain project. I am working on mesh (tacking down the pieces with diluted glue) and will install/adhere the panels in sections on site.

The fountain is square and has three tiers. Each panel is either a side or a top and I pre-taped each one to fit exactly on the fountain. The most challenging part is visualizing the final design and making sure the geological striations flow together correctly as I lay out each new layer.

The gaps between the differing colorings will be lined with iridescent glass and gold pieces. Because the the glass is so much thinner than than the ceramic tile, that portion will be done entirely on site.

This photo also shows the amount of space I have to work in! That counter is over 12′ long and while you can’t tell from here, there are two more panels of tiled mesh below what is seen here. There is also a second table I am working on in the middle of the work space, about 10′ long.

This is a view from the other direction. There are big doors on either side of the work space so I get lots of light, and views of the redwoods. I often get helpers (like Chester the cat) who comes in to keep me company.


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