SPARK Murals

I have had my hands full the last few months! I am working with artist Ene Osteres-Constable of Wowhaus on a series of “Spark” murals that will live around a planetarium at a community college in Hayward. I have been able to work in my own art studio  (also known as my kitchen) as well as spend time at Ene’s home/studio near Bodega Bay.This photo gives you an idea of the scale of this project. Each panel is 5′ x 3′ and there are 8 panels per spark (4 in total). One panel fits in my kitchen at one time. It’s great waking up and making art all day. It’s also fun and visually easier to work spread out like this. I love hanging out with Ene and her family while we work! I have never worked on such a large scale before and cannot wait to see them installed.

The process we use is to glue on mesh first. Once we are happy with the final mosaic as a whole and all of the panels are complete, we can install large sections onto the planetarium. Once the adhesive is set and the murals are pieced back together, we will grout the pieces on-stie.


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