Cats Completed

I grouted and drilled screws in the back to finish up this project. Each cat is 10″ x 12″ on lightweight particle board. This is now my favorite material for indoor wall hangings. And thank goodness because I had to buy a huge piece from the lumber yard (Piedmont Lumber, you are the best). I now have over 20 small boards (all conveniently cut in sizes that fit into flat-rate mail boxes for potential shipping) that all need mosaics and left the rest in large pieces that I can cut down later.I went with a darker grout, Pewter, which worked out perfectly. It did exactly what I wanted to in bringing the pieces together without taking away from the portrait as a whole.This guy is more abstract and he definitely has personality. When looking at the two next to each other they are quite a pair. I am so pleased with how these both came out.Both cats have green eyes. But instead of making them all green I decided to just highlight with specks. This worked out well in both cases.
I needed to cheer up my apartment today so I stopped and picked out lots of fresh flowers and it’s definitely doing the trick.


One response to “Cats Completed

  1. Jonathan Blatteis April 27, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    Wow…or should I say “meoww”

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