Watershed Markers

Today I spent the day on Lakeshore Ave in Oakland with Artist Ene of Wowhaus because she was installing beautiful bronze pieces she and her husband created for a City of Oakland project. They are called Watershed Markers because they mark the locations of Oakland’s many underground creeks. There is a creek that runs right under this spot and heads to Lake Merritt. You can read more about watersheds here. Keep an eye out for other Watershed Markers throughout Oakland. Ene has already installed a set in 4 Oakland locations, including one outside Market Hall in Rockridge.

This project has been a year and a half in the making and I got to see the final stages. I will post the locations of the other markers when I get the info. The pieces are beautiful and definitely worth checking out.

Watching the installation process was fun and I got to witness all of the small and important details. Ene’s concrete guys were artists themselves in their ability to match the finishing style of the existing sidewalk and stamping the lettering.

These are specially made letter stamps that were used for this project.

I love spending time with Ene, I always learn something new and she is a wonderful person to be around. I can’t wait for the future projects we have lined up!


One response to “Watershed Markers

  1. draketalkoakland April 14, 2011 at 2:53 am

    Love your blog and thanks for the photos on this glorious project!

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