Card Making

I was inspired by the amount of embroidery I have been seeing (check out examples like Glassford Hill Girl’s Embroidery Patterns and DIY Valentines Cards). I love getting cards from friends and family so I thought this year I could return the favor and send some of my own. The blue cards and octopus stamp were gifts from a friend. I have found many uses for the stamp over the years and decorated many of cards.
It took a few tries to do this right. My first card had a lot of extra holes from mistaken punches by the needle. After that, I started punching the holes ahead of time, and that did the trick.
I like the simple designs on patterned stationary.

I only embroidered one envelope because the paper was a tad too thin. But I think it looks cool so I need to find heavier paper envelopes for future projects.


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