Garfield Elementary Part 1

Ms Rachel, who teaches 2nd grade at Garfield Elementary School in SF asked me to come in and do a group mosaic with her class. I have never done something like this before but I can’t wait! I will be going in during lunch this Monday. Rachel is teaching her students about the United States and California so we decided to do a map of North America. The final piece will be about 2′ x 3′ and intended for an interior wall hanging. With the help of donations we have a huge box of colored tiles to use for the project. The picture above is a 6″ tile I painted to include in the mosaic. I thought this would be easier than trying to write the name of the school with pieces of tile.

While I was at Brushstrokes making the tile for the upcoming project, I also re-created a bowl my sister and I painted for our cousin many years ago. It was part of a set (plate, cup and bowl) that we gave as a gift when she was a baby. The bowl recently broke so I got to paint a replacement. It was so nice to spend the morning there. If you have never done this before I highly recommend it. You pick out your piece, paint your design and return in a week when it’s been fired and the glaze is set.
I pretty much copied the exact design as the little cup. The inside of the bowl is pink with a white flower at the very bottom. I think it will come out great.I couldn’t stop once I finished the bowl so I scooped up some of these little tags. I painted my name on a couple of them and thought they would be cool tags for any mosaic I do, or even to include in a mosaic as a way to sign my pieces.And then the A. I couldn’t resist.


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