Scrap Project: Tea Cups

For this project I decided not to break any more whole tiles. I have bowls filled with leftover pieces from past projects, and before I buy more tile I need to use what I already have. I started by cutting down backer-board (originally 4′ x 3′ from home depot) into manageable pieces so I could do a series. I thought of my sister who collects tea cups and of my own mug collection. Nothing matches and each cup is a different shape and color.
I would quickly run out of  one color so I had to go back and redistribute the colors. I ended up liking the random bits of colors in each one because it ties the series together.

The last step will be choosing the grout color. I need to decide if I want to do all of them the same color or not. I will probably mix my own colors again because I like the excuse to experiment. And once they are done I have the perfect place for them to hang on my kitchen/studio wall.


2 responses to “Scrap Project: Tea Cups

  1. Bonnie Volk February 4, 2011 at 1:29 am

    They are all so sweet. i think you could try different colored grouts on the teacups because they are already tied together by theme and backer-board size. But, if you create a really cool color that works well with all of them, that could be cool too. M

  2. thejesspage February 4, 2011 at 8:33 am

    These are fantastic Ali. Can’t wait to see them all completed. I love them as a series.

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