Completed Pot # 3

Last week I completed pot # 3.  I tried a few new techniques. First, I used glass instead of tile. When I tried to cut triangles with the high-fire tile I could not get the continuity I wanted, or the pieces would simply crumble. So I bought colored glass that matched the original tile.

Secondly, I dyed my own grout. I got pouches of grout/adhesive-dye and started experimenting. I used these in a class where we dyed mastic (interior-use adhesive) to create small, un-grouted pieces (mine was purple). You may remember it from a previous post.

Lastly, I used multiple  grout colors. To get a clean line, it’s wise to do each color in sections, tape-off the part not being grouted, wait for it to dry, and repeat. But I was too impatient, and liked the idea of colors blending together. I had to use a ton of sponges to make sure they did not mix too much, and to stay in control.

I used Antique White grout as the base for the the yellow (so that it would be as bright a yellow as possible) and for the green and red I used Delorian Gray. This way I did not risk the red turning pink and the green would match the colors of the glass. I have more experimenting to do, but I definitely like what has happened so far.

The final result was fairly subtle (especially the yellow) but I like the outcome all the same. I plan to use this technique again.


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