Color Wheel

Since starting my mosaic endeavors, I have collected a lot of colored pieces here and there. I wanted to make something using the materials I already had.

I lined my tile, glass and beads in rainbow order and it made me think of the color-wheel pendant I posted about earlier. So I created a mosaic color wheel. I figured this would not only look cool, but work as an inventory display of what’s out there and what I have used in the past.

I started working in no particular order in mind. It sort of looks like a slice of pizza.

This part is interesting: I am using mixed mediums, such as glass and tile, so I have to compensate for their difference in thickness. Mosaic artists call this “floating” because I had to cake-on the mastic under the glass so that it would sit at the same height as it’s thicker neighbor. I could have left them all at different heights (which probably would have looked cool) but for whatever reason I wanted them even.

I have no idea how this is going to come out, or where I will put it, but I like getting to use all of my scrap materials.  I still have a ways to go and need to make a decision about the background color. I’ll keep you posted!


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