Lake Merritt Walks

I have been trying to either run, walk or run/walk Lake Merritt at least 4 times a week. So far I am staying on track and on walking days I started bringing my camera. The mallard ducks are the best. They all appear paired off… you never see a male mallard without the female. They don’t like people. If they even sense my presence they run off, together.

Seagulls are a different story. They are loud, dirty and try to attack you so I am not giving them the privilege of a photo. My first two days around the lake I was only nearly missed by flying clams or mussels or whatever it is the seagulls are dropping from the sky (I think as a way to break it apart). And last week I had to duck and cover when about 25 seagulls came flying towards me to eat bread crumbs some lady had scattered only seconds before and a few steps ahead of me.


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