Oakland Apartment: New Workspace

I am fully moved into my new apartment in Oakland. Here is a sneak peek of the kitchen/studio I get to work and live in.

My little Wedgewood stove is so cute! Especially with the single-sized “tea ball” kettle. I can’t leave anything on the burners because each one has a lit pilot light.

My mom is an excellent decorator. She helped make my vision for the apartment fully come together. This is the top shelf of the work table which holds several bowls filled with pieces of glass, tile and other tesserae.

I can’t reveal too much about the piece I am currently working on because it’s a commissioned holiday present and it’s not my surprise to ruin. But the new (and bigger) work table is custom-fit to get the largest surface-area possible. The additional space is marvelous and being closer to the sink and all my supplies conveniently stored, in what was probably a pantry, is a joy.

This is another view from the work table in the kitchen. The apartment faces west so I get lots of sunlight. If you put your face up to the window and look left you can see the water on Lake Merritt. It’s a stretch, but I like to say I have a lake view.

There is an animal shelter a short distance from my apartment. I am not sure why certain birds/ducks get to live there but they seem happy and fed well.

I also had great company last week with my sister and Ben visiting. We took a walk around lake Merritt and stopped to look at the birds.


2 responses to “Oakland Apartment: New Workspace

  1. samantha December 16, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    this pretty much proves i am taller than ben

  2. Danielle December 29, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Ali –

    1 a. I am in love with your new apartment – it’s so cute and perfect! ‘

    2 a. Also, I am obsessed with your photography on your blog. Your mosaic work and blog discussions are amazing but the pictures add so much to it all.

    b. I miss you!

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