Next Pot: For Mom, Happy Hannukah

I always try not to post about things that are gifts because it tends to ruin the surprise… but I can’t help it. I started working on my mom’s pot last night and want to do the entire thing in small triangles using the colors she picked out. I experimented with cutting the tiles into the shapes I wanted. Unfortunately the high-fire tile is not going to work. Getting a piece to be small enough is near-impossible without crumbling. Not to mention how difficult and hard it is on my hands.

But I can’t get the vision of the triangles out of my head. The colors will  look so good. So I decided to switch to glass which allows me precision cuts with relative ease.

The colors are great. I went to the glass store today to try and find the perfect matches for the red, green, yellow and orange. I think I did a good job and am excited to get started.


One response to “Next Pot: For Mom, Happy Hannukah

  1. zach December 3, 2010 at 4:28 am

    Wheres mine? haha jk.. Looks awesome.. mom will love it

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