More About Glass

I am happy and excited to work with Ene again! I got to shop around for glass samples that will work for the upcoming project. This was such a great opportunity to learn about the different types of glass, their price ranges and varieties.

Wissmach and Kokomo both come is large sheets and offer a swirled with extremely high contrast variety.

Uroboros also has swirls as an option but not as extreme as Kokomo or Wissmach. Spectrum is machine made brand has more regular swirls. It’s also  slightly less expensive than the other brands.  Bullseye also has a lot of solid colors and is priced by weight. They have a cool line of metallic-looking options.

All of these brands have ranges of options: opaque, transparent, iridescent, icy, matte etc. You have to explore each one and see what else they offer.

I definitely have a lot more to learn about the different types of glass but this was a great start to seeing what is out there. Currently, the most frequent places I go to buy glass are IMA, The Stained Glass Garden and Cradle of the Sun.


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