Mosaic Pot #2 Goes Classical

This one is for Dale. It will be a gift from my mom who picked out the colors. For the design, I decided to use a pattern I learned in Rachel Rodi’s Tools and Technique class. Because the colors are so fun, I thought a structured design would compliment them well.

I knew I wanted to use key stones for the pattern but could not decide how I would incorporate the different colors into the pattern. In class we only used white tiles. I like this but something wasn’t working.

I laid the tile like this to see if stacking the colors would make a difference.

And I tried lining the colors vertically.

Then I decided to mix it up (literally) and this is my favorite. I may still play around with the tiles a bit more but I don’t think it will trump this one. I think this looks great and will read well on the 3d pot. Next ill start laying the tiles on the pot and make more keystone pieces as I go. That way if I decide to go in a different direction, I have not already processed all of my tiles as keystones.


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