My Workspace

I love the way my small workspace is coming together. I borrowed my dad’s old sawhorses and a tabletop to get started. I was planning on finding a more permanent solution but found this setup worked so well, I prefer it to anything else. I have a great view of the buildings across from me and a sliver of sky. It’s just enough to make the space feel big, without being too distracting.
My workspace also doubles as our guest room. That cute little futon folds out into a twin bed and perfect for visitors (Cost Plus, if you’re interested). I did promise to return the sawhorses so I took apart the table and got ready for it’s replacement.

So what was the upgrade? Brand new sawhorses from IKEA (VIKA system)! Only $30 and adjustable, so I can raise the table and stand comfortably if I decide to. There is also a shelf on the bottom to store extra stuff.


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