Making Pots

I also started on my next project. Terracotta pots. They are for my mom and they will be gifts for two lucky ladies. My mom hand-picked the colors for each person and I get to decide on the style and design. All I got to, today, was brainstorming ideas and prepping the pots.
Prepping: Terracotta is super absorbent so you have to prepare both the inside and the outside of the pot. The inside needs to be sealed with any kind of latex paint. This way, when the pot is filled with soil, the moisture wont seep into the mosaic from the inside. The exterior is sealed with Bonderizer. This is a sealer you can buy at most paint and tile stores. Bonderizer allow me to use Thinset; a cement-based adhesive. Thinset is the best adhesive to use then making functional pieces.


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